Mixed Feelings – Mixology Monday XLIII

This month Vidiot is hosting the Mixology Monday and, being the bad boy that he is, chose „Vermouth“ as the topic.

Well, it’s not easy writing about it. See, when you enter the world of mixology, you have to deal with a few big problems. One of them is the Martini-problem. There is a party of little Churchills and Trapper John McIntyrs, who successfuly banned Vermouth from their Martinis. Over the years, the Martini changed in their direction from a fifty-fifty ratio to nowadays usual 1:5. To the young cocktail apprentice it has to seem that this is the right way to go. Only if you dig deeper, you find that it isn’t a necessarily a sign of good taste to only vaporize a few molecules of vermouth in the direction of your stem glass and finaly you discover those, who demand that a fifty-fifty is the real way to do it. The one or the other way, taking on an oppinion will offend someone and this time it’s actualy a group of people who know their mixology. I hold it with prussian Kaiser Friedrich II.: „Jeder nach seiner Façon…“

Nevertheless: Vermouth can be used in non-homeopathic dosages and still don’t ruin the drink.


Sour Rosemary

This is a little variation of the Sweet Martini I just created for the occasion.

(You can find all the basics about the Martini Cocktail here)

How To:

Prechill a mixing glass and a cocktail glass

Gently muddle the needles of one rosmary sprig with 2 oz good gin (I’m using Plymouth Navy Strength for my Martinis)

Let sit for ~ 15 minutes

Clear out mixing glass, fine strain gin into it

Add a dash of Orange Bitters, 1 oz of Sweet Vermouth and 1/4 oz freshly squeezed lemon juice

Stir with ice until stunningly cold

Strain into chilled cocktail glass



A very nice variant of my favourite Martini. The beautiful amber color catches the eye and doesn’t disappoint you, since the drink is realy tasty and has this certain Je Ne Sais Qua (excuse the french..) at the end of the sip that I intended: You get this little bit of tartness and rosmary when the drink leaves the palate. Recommended.

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